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How to sell your sport horse in Southern Africa

In a highly competitive market, selling your Sport Horse could seem like an impossible task. Anyone who’s ever sold a horse in South Africa will know how challenging it can be – especially when potential buyers miss appointments without notice, inflate their skill level and are unsuitable even to try the horse in question.

Others often arrange trials without really intending to make a purchase. Here are the key elements to consider when selling a sport horse:

Advertise Your Horse with Care

When advertising your Sport Horse for sale in Southern Africa, the following elements should be included in the copy of the advert:

  • Identifying Details (Name/Date of Birth/Breed/Height/Colour/Gender)

  • Discipline (Show Jumping/Equitation/Eventing/Dressage, etc.)

  • Veterinary Profile (Average/Good/Very Good) – to be able to share these details, a pre-vetting is recommended

  • Price Category (Low/Medium/High)

  • Location

  • A description of the horse’s abilities and personality

With this level of information, buyers will be more targeted. This decreases the number of ill-fitting potential buyers enquiring, ensuring relevant leads are developed.

Prepare Your Horse for Trials

When selling your Sport Horse in Southern Africa, it is essential that the horse is well prepared for potential buyers to try them out. This includes:

  • Being in consistent work, fit and not fresh

  • Being capable of showcasing their advertised talents in the indicated equestrian discipline

  • Being well turned out, clean and neat

Take the Guess Work out of Sales

With all adverts, trials and sales transactions, it is essential that the information provided is accurate and truthful. There’s no greater waste of time than trying to sell a horse that is clearly limited to lower level competition as an open show-jumper – buyers will not be fooled. Do not over or under-sell their abilities, their health or their temperament.

With an open and honest approach, both seller and buyer will enjoy a smoother process, ensuring the matching of perfect equine teams.


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